Delta Sky Way Program at LAX

Complete redesign of Terminals 2 & 3 Ticketing and Arrivals of the Central Headhouse building. 
Ground-up reconstruction of Terminal 3. 
Arc Designs contributed to this program in several important aspects: We provided Project Management suppo
rt to the Delta PMO that assisted in managing different scopes throughout the construction of the program, including general construction project management, change management, commissioning, integration, and schedule management.

  • Owner: Delta Air Lines  

  • Design: Team – Gensler

  • GC: Hensel Phelps Construction

  • Construction Duration: 7 years

  • Project Size: 1,290,991 SF

  • Construction Cost: $2.3 B

Ocean Charter School, K-8 New Campus

The construction program called for 55,000 square feet of new
buildings and 26,000 square feet of underground parking. The
project also includes the demolition of existing industrial buildings
and the dewatering of the site due to its proximity to wetlands. ArcDesigns played a key role as Project Management support to STV, Inc. As owner’s representative, we assisted in managing different IT scopes throughout the construction of the program, including reviewing drawings and specifications, value engineering, and systems commissioning with LAUSD.

  • Owner: LAUSD  

  • Design Team: GKK Works

  • GC: Pinner Construction

  • Construction Duration: 2 years

  • Project Size: 55,000 SF

  • Construction Cost: $45 M

TBITEC Terminals Network and Technology Consolidation

Arc Designs was tasked with the design and implementation of a
new IT network that consolidated TBITEC operations across 4
different Terminals at LAX.
Arc Designs worked closely with LAWA IT during the project for
the required fiber paths circuits between terminals.

  • Owner: LAWA  

  • Design Team: ARC Designs

  • GC: ARC Designs

  • Construction Duration: 14 months

  • Project Size: 850,000 SF

  • Construction Cost: $230 K